I’m Faye Prichard, and I am honored to represent the Ashland District on the Hanover Board of Supervisors.

I have spent over 20 years representing the citizens of Hanover. After 14 years on the Ashland Town Council, I have spent the last 8 years representing the citizens of Hanover County. Over that time, I have listened to our citizens and I have worked with them to maintain our character and our unique rural nature.

There’s no question that Hanover County has faced great challenges, but I have worked hard to represent the vision that our citizens tell me they want. I will continue to listen and be your voice as we set the course for the Hanover of tomorrow.

None of this is easy. I will continue to make sure that we meet your goals. There is nothing more valuable than having institutional knowledge of the opportunities we should embrace for our success, the projects that we should avoid, and the challenges that that we need to work through in every process. I look forward to collaborating with all of our citizens for four more years, and hope that you will continue to let me know what is important to you!

As your Supervisor, these are my commitments:

Thoughtful Growth

Develop a Comprehensive Plan that creates a vision for the kind of growth our citizens desire, what they don’t, and finding the right balance for success.


Planning Excellence

Protect our sense of place through thoughtful, engaged use of the Comprehensive Plan and citizen engagement.


Public Safety

Continue to support and uplift Hanover’s tradition of providing amazing public safety. Hanover county, through our Sheriff’s Office and Fire & EMS, not only keeps our community safe but fills a vital role in keeping us informed.  A variety of community programs and outreach has set a very high bar for confidence. It is important that each of us can count on being safe in our homes and our community. 


Ensure that the County is fiscally minded in its decision-making, and that your tax dollars count where it matters most for the success of our community. 


Forward Thinking

Provide Hanover citizens access to the tools that keep us competitive and relevant, so the County grows with our citizens’ and businesses’ wellbeing in mind.


Citizens First

Make sure that all of the long term goals and development of the County STARTS with citizens, and that everything we do is transparent. Solicit and encourage citizen input, so that everyone’s opinion is heard, on record, and considered carefully in every step of the process.

My campaign needs your help to keep my voice, and my vote, on the Hanover County Board of Supervisors.

Re-election has never been more critical than right now.



We need you! 



Any amount much appreciated!

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